예약된 알림 메시지를 통해 코드 리뷰

Source: GitHub Blog | Author: Will Smythe

예정된 알림은 공식적으로 베타 버전이 만료되었습니다. 이제 팀은 검토를 기다리는 철수 요청을 매일 상기시킬 수 있으며 코드 검토에 걸리는 시간을 줄일 수 있습니다.

Reminders to keep your team on track

Scheduled reminders delivers a daily, prioritized list of pull requests waiting for review—right to your team’s Slack channel. Teams can choose how often to receive reminders and can set filters to reduce noise and ensure the most important reviews are never missed or delayed.

With reminders, teams can stay on track, reduce code review time, and deliver more.

Get personal reminders, too

Members of organization accounts can also receive personalized daily reminders and real-time updates in Slack about pull requests needing attention or ready to be merged. This helps organization members stay on top of code reviews and helps them complete their own pull requests faster.

The Scheduled reminders feature is currently available in organization accounts. This feature requires the GitHub and Slack integration be installed and enabled for the organization.

Learn more about scheduled reminders

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