Autolink 기능

Source: GitHub Blog | Author: Lars Schneider

외부에 참고 자주 찾으시나요? 지금 autolink 참고 기능만 설정하면 GitHub은 자동으로 링크를 창조합니다.

How it works

If you use GitHub with external services (like Jira), you might be familiar with shorthand references (like TICKET-123) to point to resources in those external systems. 

Starting today, GitHub can automatically transform shorthand references into clickable links for GitHub Pro, Team, and Enterprise plans. To enable this feature, a repository admin needs to register the reference prefix (such as TICKET-) in the settings. Afterwards, references of that type are detected in issues, pull requests, comments, or commit messages, and turned into links. This speeds up navigation between GitHub and external systems. 

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