CodeNaija: Andela과 GitHub의 Blacktocats 해커톤

Source: GitHub | Author: Toya East

최근에 GitHub의 Black 지원 팀, Blacktocats는 아프리카에서 최초 해커톤 이벤트를 진행했습니다. 10월 26-27일 라고스, 나이지리아에서 CodeNaija Hackathon 2019 이벤트에서 중/고급 기술자들이 100명 넘게 참석했습니다.

The Blacktocats’ mission is to attract and empower Black lives in tech. According to our recent Octoverse Report, Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing open source communities (by projects) in the world. We wanted to highlight this community of developers by promoting their fantastic talent and showcasing their work.

Understanding the community ecosystem

Ahead of the hackathon, we hosted a developer roundtable that focused on developers and social impact organizations. We partnered with market entry firm Ingressive to bring over 20 developers and social good “techprenuers” to help with the discussion. Ultimately, we wanted to connect with the developer community in Lagos to understand the ecosystem and answer questions about our work at GitHub. During the discussion, we were excited to have attendees that included the organizers of GitGirl and GirlsCoding, who work to bring adult women and young girls, respectively, into the tech industry.

The CodeNaija Hackathon was highly anticipated, with more than 800 developers applying for one of only 100 spots to attend. In the end, 80 participants across 19 teams devoted over 30 hacking hours to deliver the best technological solution to a social issue in Nigeria.

Take a look behind the scenes of the Code Naija Hackathon

Thank you

We partnered with talent accelerator Andela to recruit attendees and help make the hackathon a reality. We also received support from our sponsors Flutterwave, Microsoft, and M12 who provided input, funding, and prizes.

We’re incredibly thankful for our partners and participants. We couldn’t have done this without you.

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