Glo Boards에서 Organization & Teams 사용하는 방법

Source: Axosoft Blog | Author: Sara Stamas

GitKraken Glo Boards는 개발자 및 팀이 협력해서 태스크 트래킹(task tracking) 할 수 있는 칸반 스타일의 이슈 트래킹(issue tracking) 시스템입니다. Glo Boards는 GitKraken Git Client와 통합되며, 메인 툴바의 오른쪽 상단에 있는 보드 아이콘을 클릭하여 쉽게 액세스할 수 있습니다. Glo는 web browser, Android, iOPs 앱으로 액세스할 수 있고나 Visual Studio Code 및 Atom 내부에서도 접속 가능합니다.          

Since introducing Glo Boards into our GitKraken product line, we’ve been working hard to continuously provide improvements and enhanced functionality. We’ve already accomplished A LOT this year, including the introduction of Teams and Organizations. This functionality offers companies more control over their Glo Boards.

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Companies that rely on GitKraken Glo Boards often have dozens or even hundreds of boards in their account—each managed by a different user. Prior to introducing the Organizations functionality, account admins had to manually add new team members to every board, and manually remove departing team members from every-single-board they were associated with.

Add users to glo boards

Now, removing a member from an organization automatically removes them from all boards they were associated with.

remove users from Glo Boards all at once with Organizations

When a board belongs to an organization, only users from that organization can access the board—providing a new layer of security. It’s no problem to be a member of multiple organizations to manage all those boards in a single account, but you must be invited to an organization if you are not the account owner.


Time to get your squad together!

Within an organization, it is now possible to create teams by grouping individuals together like ‘Development,’ ‘QA,’ ‘Sales,’ ‘Marketing,’ etc.

use Teams to manage groups of users

After a team has been created and you have selected which users to include, you can then associate teams to boards. This allows for multiple users to be added to (or removed from) boards at the same time!

use Teams to add/remove groups of users from Glo boards

Better yet, after welcoming a new employee, you can easily add them to multiple boards at the same time by adding them to a team in Glo. This will instantly give them access to every board associated with their team(s) so they can dive right in.

add users to Teams in Glo

If you have a company board, you can easily set a default team that every new member of your organization automatically gets added to.

#SquadGoals, check!

Teams and Organizations are GitKraken Pro only features. Upgrade now to get access to these features along with advanced features of the GitKraken Git Client!

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Board Management

To further improve organization within Glo, our team introduced Board Management, allowing users to designate groups for selected Glo boards.

This can be easily accomplished by dragging-and-dropping boards into a group, and you can edit group details directly from the Glo UI.

Glo Webhooks

Webhooks allow users the ability to create applications which subscribe to Glo Board events. When an event, such as a task assignment or card deletion, occurs in Glo, data from Glo is delivered to the webhook’s URL, triggering an action, such as a notification in another application, like Slack.

A perfect example of this would be if you created an application utilizing a Glo Webhook that posts a Slack message every time a card is deleted from- or added to- a board.

Webhooks can be added in Glo to specific boards by owners and admins. Multiple webhooks can be added to a single board with a GitKraken Pro account.

Glo API Marketplace

After the release of webhooks, we invited developers to submit integrations for a chance to claim up to $10,000 in cash prizes as part of our Glo API Contest. We had some incredible submissions and were thrilled to unveil the Glo Marketplace, which is filled with free applications to enhance your Glo Boards experience.

The Glo Marketplace features Chrome extensions, screenshot tools, IoT integrations, time-tracking tools, voice assistant integrations, Slack extensions, CI/CD integrations, and more.

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