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GitHub is a source code review platform inspired by the way developers work. You can manage your projects and build software together with 31 million open source and enterprise developers across the world.

From start-ups to global companies, GitHub Enterprise helps organizations of every size code, scale, and work better together—in one place.

Get end-to-end security

Millions of teams trust GitHub to keep their code secure. With leading code security tools, FedRAMP authorization, SOC 2 Type 2 reports, and more, businesses can build securely—and stay focused on customer solutions.

Boost collaboration

Open source powers innovation—and it all starts on GitHub. Top organizations learn from the communities behind the code they use and adopt an inner source culture to build proprietary software with open source best practices.

Automate your workflows

On GitHub, you control your workflows. GitHub Actions with built-in CI/CD automates your DevOps pipelines using workflows you create—or choose from thousands of workflows created by the community. With GitHub Packages, you can update your package versions and install packages right in your repository.

Deploy your way

You know what’s best for your business. We’re here to help you build it. Whether in the cloud, on your servers, or hybrid models, GitHub Enterprise supports your organization’s deployment strategy with the most scalable platform on the planet.

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