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Source: GitHub Blog | Author: Billy Griffin

현재 베타 버전의 명령행 GitHub CLI에서 GitHub를 사용하는 쉽고 원활한 방법을 소개합니다. 수백만 명의 개발자가 GitHub를 사용하므로 소프트웨어 구축을 재미있고 공동성이 있게 만들고 gh과 GitHub 경험을 당신 터미날에 제공합니다.

macOS, Windows 및 Linux 에 오늘 GitHub CLI를 설치할 수 있으며 베타 버전에서 피드백을 고려할 수록 더 많은 업데이트가 제공됩니다.

How can you use GitHub CLI?

We started with issues and pull requests because many developers use them every day. Check out a few examples of how gh can improve your experience when contributing to an open source project and learn more from the manual.

Filter lists to your needs

Find an open source project you want to contribute to and clone the repository. And then, to see where maintainers want community contributions, use gh to filter the issues to only show those with help wanted labels.

Quickly view the details

Find an issue describing a bug that seems like something you can fix, and use gh to quickly open it in the browser to get all the details you need to get started.

Create a pull request

Create a branch, make several commits to fix the bug described in the issue, and use gh to create a pull request to share your contribution.

By using GitHub CLI to create pull requests, it also automatically creates a fork when you don’t already have one, and it pushes your branch and creates your pull request to get your change merged.

View the status of your work

Get a quick snapshot the next morning of what happened since you created your pull request. gh shows the review and check status of your pull requests.

Easily check out pull requests

One of the maintainers reviewed your pull request and requested changes. You probably switched branches since then, so use gh to checkout the pull request branch. We never remember the right commands either!

Make the changes, push them, and soon enough the pull request is merged—congratulations!

Help shape GitHub CLI

We hope you’ll love the foundation we’ve built with pull requests and issues. And we’re even more excited about the future as we explore what it looks like to build a truly delightful experience with GitHub on the command line. As GitHub CLI continues to make it even more seamless to contribute to projects on GitHub, the sky’s the limit on what we can achieve together.

We can’t wait to hear about your experience with GitHub CLI, and we’d love your feedback. Create an issue in our open source repository or provide feedback in our google form. What commands feel like you can’t live without them? What’s clunky or missing? Let us know so we can make GitHub CLI even better.

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