Git 자격 도우미 취약점 발표 (Update)

Source: GitHub Blog | Author: Taylor Blau

며칠 전에 Git은 자격 도우미 메커니즘의 중요한 취약점을 해결하기 위해 v2.26.1을 릴리스했습니다. 오늘날, Git 프로젝트는 v2.26.1 이상에 존재하는 관련 문제를 해결하기 위해 또 다른 업데이트 버전을 출시하고 있다.

This vulnerability allows a malformed URL to create a credential pattern inside Git with some fields left blank. Many credential helpers interpret these blank values as an instruction to match any credential. This can result in leaking values from the underlying credential store to untrusted sources, sending the password stored for one server to another.

These updates address this new issue by not invoking the credential helper at all when the URL contains an un-representable value.

Note that not all credential helpers behave in a way that triggers the vulnerability. Git’s own store and cache helpers, along with the osxkeychain helper, are known to be vulnerable. Git Credential Manager for Windows is known to be unaffected. Other helpers should be assumed to be affected.

Upgrade to the latest Git version

The most effective way to protect against this vulnerability is to upgrade to v2.26.2. If you can’t update your client immediately, reduce your risk by following the same guidelines we recommend for v2.26.1:

  • Avoid running git clone with --recurse-submodules against untrusted repositories.
  • Avoid using the credential helper by only cloning publicly available repositories

GitHub has implemented additional steps on top of the ones we took to protect against the attacks discovered in v2.26.1. Specifically, that means:

  • Malicious .gitmodules (including new variants discovered in v2.26.2) are blocked from being pushed to
  • A new GitHub Desktop release is being prepared that prevents exploiting the new vulnerability.
  • The next patch release of GitHub Enterprise Server backports the push-blocking changes we’re using on Note that installations themselves are not vulnerable to this new attack.

Credit for finding these vulnerabilities goes to Carlo Arenas, as well as further analysis by Jonathan Nieder of Google.

Download Git v2.26.2

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